Official training camps will be organized in autumn 2019 (August & October) and in March 2020. More details will be in Bulletin 2.

Remember to sign up for the OFFICIAL training camp! The entry deadline is 1 August 2019.

There will be training camps according to wishes of National Teams from 1st January 2019, after mappings are finilize.

Please contact us if you need early training camps before 1st January 2019. There are some similar terrains around.


1. Official Training Camp  26-30 August 2019- ENTRY DEADLINE: 1st Aug. 2019

2. Official Training Camp  21-25 October 2019 - ENTRY DEADLINE: 25th Sep. 2019

3. Official Training Camp  16-20 March 2020 - ENTRY DEADLINE: 17th Feb. 2019